Three Tips for Communicating Greater Empathy

noun: empathy
the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

At a time where it is almost guaranteed that most people are feeling at best on edge and at worst full-blown panic, 'sharing the feelings on another' might not feel like a fun prospect! 

Writing with true empathy can feel uncomfortable, but it is the foundation for connection and understanding, and right now - everyone needs to feel a little more understood and connected. 

Here are my tips for adding empathy to your communications. 

1. Back to values 

Remember those wonderful words that you wrote on a wall somewhere? Now is the time to show people what they look like in practicality. If Communication is one of your values make sure people are aware of how you plan to keep them informed over this time. 

2. Talk like a human, we are all a little vulnerable right now. 

When we are overwhelmed or anxious it is easy to revert to 'formal professionalism' but that only makes you feel more distant and inhuman. It's not unprofessional to express concern and it's human express understand for other peoples. You are allowed to be a little imperfect. 

3. Address people‚Äôs biggest worries/fears first. 

Understanding and addressing your client's biggest concern first will allow them to make 'brain-space' for whatever else you need to communicate, so make sure you know what they are most concerned about and spend a bit of time addressing it, even if it's not your primary message.

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