Top tips for communicating with your clients.

1. Have a clear message

There’s probably all kinds of things you want to tell your audience, but stick to just one major idea or theme. This will make your content straightforward, easy to read, and an effective tool in driving your people to action.

2. Tell people what to expect
People are much more willing to stick with you if they know where you’re going. Let them know the main reason they should be reading your content in the first couple sentences (for short posts) or first paragraph (for longer form content).

3. Don’t use flowery language
Sometimes the ideas you have to convey are sophisticated, but your language should never be needlessly complicated. Distill your message down until only the most crucial parts remain, then convey those with simple clarity.

4. Find your brand tone and stick with it
The tone of voice you use in communications says a lot about your business, so think very carefully about the way you’d like to talk to your audience. Make sure the tone stays consistent across every piece of content.

5. Summarise
What do you want your people to remember, after they read your content? Finish each piece with 1-2 sentences that captures the essence of your message and restates it in crystal clear terms.

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