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Abby Dutton, Founder/Owner of Studio Glow highly recommends Courtney Haines' 3C Communication for businesses. Waikato, New Zealand

Rachel Bird

Virtual Administrator

"I would 100% recommend 3CComms & Courtney to any business wanting to make their brand more professional and attractive. Courtney takes the words right out of your head and makes them AMAZING and into a story you'll want to share with everyone. After doing this workshop it's given me the motivation and tools to take my marketing to that next level. It's great value for $$$ too! 

I now have a business story I'm very proud to show off, and feel confident explaining to others what we do! I'll be recommending all our clients at the Virtual Administrator to do this workshop."


I'm proud to be partnered with the Waikato Regional Business Partner Network. 
You can find out more information about the assistance that this organisation provides here.

Courtney Haines' is proud to be partnered with Waikato Regional Partner Network.

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